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Artifacts from Coursework

Theoretical Courses
Applied Courses

EDIT 704
Instructional Technologies Foundations and Theories of Learning

Using Andragogy to Improve Corporate Training
Research Paper

Cognitive Development - Jean Piaget
Presentation to Class

The Hokey Pokey: Andragogical and Compuational Approaches
Presentation to Class- Group Work

The Hokey Pokey: Lesson Plan
Group Work

EDIT 575

Introduction to Clogging
Training Tutorial

EDIT 705
Instructional Design

Objective/Assessment Matrix
Matrix that expands Merrill's Performance-Content Matrix Document

Strategy Comparison
Introduction to Instructional Strategies Document

Personalized Instructional Design Model
Diagram and Justification

How to Make Sara Moulton's Lemon Vinaigrette
Group Work - Project Website

HTML Document

HTML Document

HTML Document

HTML Document

HTML Document

EDIT 575

The Advanced Clogging Resources Program
Training Tutorial

EDIT 730
Analysis and Design of Multimedia/Hypermedia Environments

AACTE Team Design Treatment

AACTE Team Design Treatment

AACTE Needs Analysis Survey
PDF Document

Task Analysis Chapters 20-22
Presentation to Class

EDIT 575

Welcome to Bugzilla
Training Tutorial

EDIT 732
Advanced Instructional Design

Online Discussion #1

Online Discussion #2

Comparison of ILDF vs ADDIE
Group Work

Epistemologies Compare and Contrast
Group Work

Compare and Contrast Presentation and Matrix
Group Work - Project Website

Case Based Project
Group Work

Designing a Constructivist Learning Environment
Clogging Knowledge Base using a CSILE

Project Website

EDIT 526
Web Accessibility and Design

EDIT 752
Design and Production of Multimedia and Hypermedia Environments

Group Work

Our final project Design Treatment and presentation
were presented to the class and the client. As you
will see in looking at the prototype all of the client's
goals have been met.

Design Patterns: Writing and Managing Content
Presentation to the Class

EDIT 772
Macromedia Flash

Link to all Flash Projects from this class.


EDRS 590
Educational Research

Research Proposal - Relationship Between the Timing of Instructional Design Competencies Checklist and Graduate Student Proficiency of Skills


EDIT 601 & EDIT 701
Instructional Design and Development Portfolio I & II

You are on the portfolio site.

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