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After graduating with my B.S. in Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources from the College of Education & Human Development at George Mason University I started my career working for an online learning company, VCampus Corporation. I learned the basics in the Help Desk assisting students, administrators and professors for the online courses. I was then promoted to Professional Services Program Manager where I managed the relationships between the client and developers for special project within the online campuses. I then learned I had an interest in marketing and web design.

I then changed jobs and was hired as the Web & Electronic Marketing Manager at TREEV for four years. During this time, I expanded my website development skills as well as enhanced my marketing skills. I was in charge of designing and editing a quarterly customer newsletter. My teammates and I worked together to create a training program for our customers and hosted weekly webcast training on our solutions. Toward the end of my four years at TREEV is when I applied to the Instructional Design and Development Masters program at GMU. I realized it was time to take my career in web design and marketing to a new level. Online learning is becoming very popular in all industries and I thought my skills would fit right into the industry.

I then left TREEV and worked at Oracle USA for a few short months as a Business Analyst. This put my marketing and web skills to good use. Although a reorganization in the company lead me to looking for a new position.

I am now at ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) as a Web Support Specialist. Although I was hired to do web design I was quickly dropped into designing a training course. After a successful delivery my supervisors have decided that I should continue developing courses in addition to my website development. It is a wonderful feeling to come to work and be able to apply what I have learned in the program. Each class I have taken has just increased my interest and provided me with new ideas of how to implement projects at work.

Since beginning my masters degree I have met numerous people who work in the field already. I have used these connections to my benefit and requested an RFP from their companies. My organization ended up hiring one company for several projects and the project manager is a current student in the ID&D program at GMU. This program has been a wonderful networking opportunity.

In 2005 I joined the Professional Organizations:

  • ASTD - (American Society for Training & Development)
  • AECT - (Association for Educational Communications and Technology)

I continue my instructional design and web development work at ARIN. I have found that creating educational materials for ARIN is exteremely important for our members. Our membership determines the projects ARIN does. We need our members to understand what the policy process is and why it is important for them to be an active member in creating policies for ARIN. The training materials I am developing at ARIN are assisting the community in understanding how we work which will in turn evolve the Internet community as a whole. I look forward to creating more instructional design projects on the job knowing I am making a difference bridging the gap between information technology and instructional technology.

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For more information please contact: or 703-966-4220